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Armorers Enhanced Mil-Spec Trigger


  • 100% Made in America
  • True Mil-Spec Triggers
  • Battle Hardened and Ready
  • Perfect Custom Fit
  • Shortens Trigger Pull
  • Shortens Trigger Over-travel
  • Shortens Trigger Reset
  • Best choice for longer ranges
  • … and when things get close
  • Fits all AR-15 style firearms
  • Has Been Protecting Freedom Since 1962

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Armorers Enhanced Mil-Spec Trigger

We wanted to give you the best most reliable combat/battle ready trigger on the market; so we went “Back to the Basic’s.”

The Mil-Spec trigger is the best most reliable trigger created for the AR-15 platform. There are many nice after market triggers available, but none can surpass the battle tested reliability of the Eugene Stoner original design. Why you ask? Simply put the Mil-Spec trigger leaves the most amount of open space in the trigger well of your AR-15 lower; allowing for more robust hammer and trigger springs. Plus, all the open space keeps junk and grime from impeding the functionality of the trigger pieces.

While the Mil-Spec trigger is the best most reliable trigger on the market, many people are left wanting for a more precise trigger. Some people try adding an extended grip screw to shorten the “pull” portion of their trigger, but are still left with a long overtravel and slow reset. That’s where we come in. The “Armorers Enhanced Mil-Spec trigger” is the next level to the Mil-Spec trigger. You will have to custom fit this trigger to your rifle, but once you do; you will have a perfectly custom fit Mil-Spec trigger that is a secret known only amongst the elite.

Most all thing in current manufacturing are built to have reasonably forgivable tolerances so they can easily swap to different assemblies, Firearms parts and Mil-Spec Triggers especially. Only the top Gunsmiths know when, how, and where to build up material in order to get an absolutely perfect custom fit. Whether it’s silver soldering the rails to revive a worn out handgun, adding a shim or a bushing to take up small amounts of space, or adding a hardened steel weld that has to be filed down so that it’s tough and battle ready.

Our Mil-Spec triggers come from a company that has had a military contract since the 80’s, and we modify them. So they are True Mil-Spec Quality.

The Armorers Enhanced Mil-Spec Trigger Comes with:

  • 1x Hammer Assembly
  • 1x Hammer Spring
  • 1x Safety Selector
  • 1x Trigger
  • 1x Trigger Return Spring
  • 1x Disconnect
  • 1x Disconnect Spring
  • 2x Hammer/Trigger Pins


The Militia State Armory “Armorers Enhanced Mil-Spec Trigger” is designed to be fit and standard AR-15 type firearm.


Militia State Armory is a small independent company that’s here to serve the American Patriots and help protect the second amendment. We have no affiliation to any other entities or companies. We’re just some gunsmiths and armorers providing quality aftermarket parts.

It is your responsibility to insure proper fit and  function of  any upgrades installed into your firearm. Under no circumstance should our parts change the semi-automatic function of your firearm.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us though the headquarters page or our email



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