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For 10% off your order use code: armory10

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Get involved and add your comments on our discussion board. Here you can find upcoming parts being developed by MSA, 2A news, Gunsmithing Help and Product Videos, and connections to get you involved with your local Militia and Protecting the Second Amendment.

Auction On!

Auction On!

Rare Opportunity as a small shop we mainly make firearms parts, we will only be making very small runs of firearms. Eventually we might get into doing more firearms but they will be few and far between. In celebration of coming out with our first batch of lowers...

How to install the FRT Lock Bar

How to install the FRT Lock Bar

... Check out the video below on how to install your FRT Locking Bar from Militia State Armory. Tips and Tricks -If you're having trouble removing the locking bar cross pin, first check the tail of the housing where the lock bar is located; making sure it is not...

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