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Help us lay the ground work for the American Constitutional Militia.

I’m writing a book/memoir (and will be posting to this webpage) trying to build the foundations for others to follow; about how to create and maintain a well regulated unconventional militia comprised of the individual American. Giving them the tools needed to pop in and out of existence while communicating and working with other groups. We’ll provide a standard gear list, training schedule and practices, escape and evasion tactics, conventional tactics, Guerrilla tactics, ECM and ECCM (electronic warfare) guides, radio training, Logistical concerns and management, and more.

I believe the secret to success is in a bottom up approach where the individual is the leader of their actions and decision making; but with the tools and information needed to easily communicate with other groups/individuals.

Militia State Armory will be there as a resource providing leadership in the form of Community, Information, training, gunsmith help, custom firearm parts, and other resources to strengthen the individual American and the Second Amendment Patriots as a whole.