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Follow the FPC! Use this link to see what is happening legally in your state regarding firearms laws.


Plus their is so much more on the FPC website. If you want to do your part to help stop the ATF and the Federal Government from infringing on the rights of the American people; Then you should seriously scroll around the FPC website and Sign up to get up to date emails from them as well.

The 3% doesn’t hide, waiting for the enemy to cross the line; only to join the fight after it starts. The 3% are standing on the line defining where the line is. The 3% are in the fight when it starts and the fight is already on! The FPC is toeing the front line in defense of our Constitutional rights, and they need each and every single individual patriots support.

Help the FPC draw a line, before the enemy has walked to far!


**A Direct portion of all our sales gets donated to the FPC. 

Also, we have no affiliation with FPC; We just really like what their doing.