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Echo I Tuning Kit


Made in the USA
Reduces Binary-Set Travel Distance
Reduced Trigger Weight: 2lb single, 3.5lb binary.
Produces a better Binary Trigger
Increased Manuel Rate of Fire
Bushings roller action gives friction-less smooth pull
Strong and Reliable
VIP “For the Customer” Warranty
Money back Guarantee

Fits First Generation Echo Triggers (Echo I)
*Does not work with the sport Trigger


Product Options:

$35- Echo I tuning Kit: (1x long bushing, 1x short bushing, 1x advanced masters spring).

$16- Long bushing: (1x long bushing).

$16- Short bushing: (1x short bushing).

$10- Spring: (1x advanced masters spring).


$18- Extra Long Bushing: (1x Extra-Long Bushing). **We don’t have any pictures of this bushing, but it is designed to fit  M16 low shelf cut lowers. If your lower doesn’t look like this ones in the photos above because the shelf has been pushed back, then you probability have an M16 cut lower. this will fit the Brigade BM9, DS Arms M16, and other similar type lowers.


Our Tuning Kit for Fostech Echo I triggers include a Phosphor Bronze Bushing and an Advanced Masters Spring. We believe this kit is paramount if you want the best trigger you can get.

**Items also sold individually

The Phosphor Bronze Bushing will give you about forty-five thousandths of an inch shorter trigger pull (.045″). It is fully machined In house with the upmost precision. The inner hole is reamed to achieve the perfect fit; while the exterior is buffed at high speed to give smooth burr-less edges.

Phosphor bronze is known for its strength and durability as a bushing material. It is very resistant to heat, vibration, corrosion, and wear; being able to with stand thousands of rounds of continuous shooting without melting, warping, or failure.

**Bushing acts as a roller and should free float on the disconnector pin. It will be trapped on the pin by the side wall of your receiver; but should not drag against the wall. There should be just enough space to slip a piece of paper. This will ensure proper fit and function. Please do not glue in place.

The Advanced Masters Spring will give you a lighter trigger pull measuring in at 2 lbs when in single fire, and 3 and 1/2 lbs when in binary mode. (2lb single, 3.5lb binary).

Our spring is a High quality treated music wire spring, boasting closed and ground ends from a reputable spring manufacturer that makes their springs in the USA. We tested several dozens of their springs, to find the best spring available. (seriously dozens, and all almost visually in-distinguishable).

Overall: We believe we are giving you the absolute best of the best. We stand by our product and offer a full VIP “for the customer” warranty. Tell us what’s wrong and we’ll do everything we can to fix it, if your still not happy send it back for a full refund that never expires. Here at Militia State Armory we are dedicated to getting you Armed Right! with parts that are Made in America.

You will experience an increase in your achievable rate of fire, by having a shorter trigger reset, coupled with a light crisp trigger pull. Not to mention the increased ease of delivering a quick and accurate “double-tap” secondary follow up shot. Our apologies if a crowd gathers to watch you shoot. “They’re curious about your gun.” So go ahead and show off! Your the proud owner of products that are Made in the USA. 

It is your responsibility to insure proper fit and  function of  any upgrades installed into your firearm. Under no circumstance should our parts change the semi-automatic function of your firearm.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us though the headquarters page or our email

**Militia State Armory is a small independent company. We have no affiliation to any other subsequent or larger companies.

Additional information


Echo I tuning Kit $35, Long Bushing $16, Short Bushing $16, Advanced Masters Spring $10, Extra Long Bushing $18


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