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Echo Sport Tuning Kit


Made in the USA
Produces a better Binary Trigger
Increased Manuel Rate of Fire
Bushings roller action gives friction-less smooth pull
Strong and Reliable
VIP “For the Customer” Warranty
Money back Guarantee

*Designed for the Echo “Sport” Trigger


Product Options:

$35- Echo Sport tuning Kit: (1x long bushing, 1x short bushing, 1x Lightened Sport spring).

$16- Short bushing: (1x short bushing).

$16- Long bushing: (1x long bushing).

$18- Extra Long bushing:(1x Extra long bushing).

$10- Spring: (1x Lightened Sport spring).


Introducing the Fostech Echo Sport Trigger Tuning kit.

The Fostech Echo Sport Tuning Kit comes with a long and short phosphor bronze bushing, that is custom made to fit the larger pin found on the Sport Trigger.

The kit also includes a Lightened Trigger Disconnect Spring. This is a high quality heat treated music wire spring steel spring, that we source from a reputable American spring manufacturer here in the United States.

The Militia State Armory’s Fostech Echo Sport Tuning kit was designed to help refine your Echo Sport Trigger by reducing mechanical tension through springs and shims. The bushings space your triggers binary disconnector so that it has a reduced moment of travel resulting in less trigger motion to reach the binary disconnect point in your trigger. Meaning your finger has to under go less travel movement to actuate the binary trigger, resulting in higher probabilities of binary function when purposefully acting in an accelerated manner.

To be fair; this kit was introduced on behalf of the many customers who requesting a sport tuning kit, when we only had tuning kits for the Echo I and II triggers. It’s design is a copied and while the two trigger systems both benefit from the tuning kits; the triggers operate in moderately different ways. Causing the sport tuning kit to have minimal felt difference when installed as compared to the echo 1 and 2 tuning kits.

Also a brand new trigger might only see a half pound to one pound reduction where a polished or worn in trigger could see up to a two pound reduction in felt trigger weight. The action of the sport trigger causes the hammer to cock when pulling the trigger which is where most of the weight in the sport trigger comes from. Thus the main disconnect on your hammer being nicely polished or worn will have the biggest effect on the performance of your sport rigger. If you don’t like the way the sport triggers run, run it some more; and if you still don’t like it then come and buy the kit. At this point it will be much ore useful.

As always this kit is entirely American made.

**If you have any question or comments, Please Give us your feed back through ArmoryContact, or You can go to the Headquarters page to write us a response on which spring you found to work the best.



This kit does Not work with the Echo I or Echo II triggers. The spring is too long and the bushing center hole too large.

This kit is only designed to work with a Fostech Echo Sport Trigger installed in an AR15 type lower receiver.



It is your responsibility to insure proper fit and  function of  any upgrades installed into your firearm. Under no circumstance should our parts change the semi-automatic function of your firearm.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us though the headquarters page or our email

**Militia State Armory is a small independent company. We have no affiliation to any other subsequent or larger companies.

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