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… Check out the video below on how to install your FRT Locking Bar from Militia State Armory.

Tips and Tricks

-If you’re having trouble removing the locking bar cross pin, first check the tail of the housing where the lock bar is located; making sure it is not floating, but braced flat against your “anvil/gunsmiths block” surface. being sure to have a hole in the surface just big enough for the pin to fall into, but small enough to leave plenty of bracing surface… hammer using many small taps to remove the cross pin.

– If you’re still having trouble removing the locking bar, you can also try using the compression of a vice… Be sure to brace the tail of the housing as discussed above, use delicate caution. Using a vice as a press and/or using a press can very quickly cause irreversable damage.

-When installing the spring, if you have large fingures and can’t press the spring all the way into place; you can use the back end of a pencil eraser… drag the eraser along the side of an inc pen or rounded file so that you have a half rounded cavity cut from the eraser you plan on using as a push rod. The half rounded cavity will help hold the spring in place when guiding it into location. 

If you have any other tips and tricks please add them in the comments below.