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Rare Opportunity as a small shop we mainly make firearms parts, we will only be making very small runs of firearms. Eventually we might get into doing more firearms but they will be few and far between. In celebration of coming out with our first batch of lowers (which will also be few and far between), we are also doing two full firearm’s completely built by Militia State Armory.

These first two will be special built with FRT triggers completely built by MSA using MSA parts. Again we don’t sell FRT housings , so these two housings will be rare as again they are celebration for the release of our first run of AR15 lowers.

The Auction Ends Friday Night December First, at 9:00Pm Mountain Central Time (That’s 8p, 9p, 10p & 11p respectively across the united states); and can be found following these links.

Serial Number DTOM-001 “Commanders PDW” 10.5″ Nitride Pistol/Other:

Serial Number DTOM-002 “Battle Rifle” 16″ Nitride Rifle/Other:

These are our first two fully built rifles and our first run of AR15 lowers, They could have untold value in the future as we continue to grow and push the boundaries