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WOT Rebuild Parts


  • 100% Designed and …
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA
  • Precision CNC Machined
  • Heat Treated and Tempered Tool Steel (58 RCH)
  • Reliable, Durable, and Long Lasting Quality
  • Specifically Designed to work in (WOT) Wide Open Trigger Housings
  • For use in AR15 Style Rifles
  • All Parts Come With a VIP For the Customer Warranty
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The WOT Rebuild Parts From Militia State Armory

Be Advised; You must purchase the full WOT rebuild kit as our material is much harder then the factory WOT material. Only purchasing the WOT lockbar kit or other individual parts will result in damage to the factory parts that come into contact with MSA parts. 

With the mission of fixing the Wide Open Trigger, We have redesigned and rebuilt the WOT’s internal parts to be able to withstand continuous rugged use. With the trigger hammer and redesigned V2 lock bar Trio made out of hardened O1 tool steel tempered to 58 RCH, your Wot is going to last.

In order to increase the reliability of the WOT, first we had to re-designing and fix the locking bar. By Slightly increasing it’s height and re-imagining the back edge, we have achieved a much improved bolt carrier to locking bar “lock-up,” That meets in the flats square at 90 degrees, increasing the overall life and durability of your firearm.

By using hardened tool steel for the internal parts, we were also able to decrease the depth of the locking bars disconnect. The smaller more precise disconnect is more easily tripped by the bolt carrier, greatly reducing the chances of misfire caused from “over squeezing” the trigger to tightly. Allowing for a much smoother, quick and clean unlock; improving overall trigger feel, function, and reliability.

As a leader in quality aftermarket replacement and upgrade parts, Militia State Armory strives to manufacture equipment you can stake your life on.

**Please Note

-The Hammer Springs are made in house by and at Militia State Armory. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our spring bending fixturing, bending techniques, and how to properly stress and destress the springs to achieve a spring that works the way you would expect it to.

-Also, Because the smaller disconnect on the locking bar you must use a hardened steel trigger in conjunction. The small disconnect and hardened tool steel will eat the disconnect shelf on the original trigger within a hundred rounds. This is why we only offer the locking bar with the trigger, they need to be used in conjunction with each other.

-All our parts come with a VIP for the customer warranty. If you ever have an issue with any of our parts, it can be exchanged for a warranty replacement part, or returned at any time for a full refund.

Item A- Flat Faced Trigger WOT Re-Build Kit; Comes with 1x Hammer, 1x Flat Faced Trigger, 1x V2 Locking Bar, 1x Locking Bar Spring. $149.99

Item H- Classic Faced Trigger WOT Re-Build Kit; Comes with 1x Hammer, 1x Classic Faced Trigger, 1x V2 Locking Bar, 1x Locking Bar Spring. $149.99

Item B- 1x Flat Faced Trigger $94.99

Item I- Classic Faced Trigger $94.99

Item C- 1x Trigger Return Spring $9.99

Item D- 1x Hammer $42.99

Item E- 1x Hammer Spring $24.99

Item F- 1x Extra Locking Bar Torsion Spring $12.99

Item G- Locking Bar Pin $9.99

 Other Items Coming Soon: Matched Sets of Barreled Pins for Trigger and Hammer… (We will not be doing housings, only replacement parts).


Militia State Armory is a small independent company that’s here to serve the American Patriots and help protect the second amendment. We have no affiliation to any other entities or companies. We’re just some gunsmiths and armorers providing quality aftermarket parts.

It is your responsibility to insure proper fit and  function of  any upgrades installed into your firearm. Under no circumstance should our parts change the semi-automatic function of your firearm.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us though the headquarters page or our email




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