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Stuck Case Remover Paint Can Opener


  • Finished in the USA
  • M10 Steel
  • Manganese Phosphate Parkerized
  • Painted Green or Black
  • Not Chrome Polished
  • Concealable, Non-Reflective Camo
  • Emergency Prying Tool
  • Only Weights: 0.755 oz (Final Total)
  • Works in AR15 and similar platforms


The Paint Can Opener has been carrier on many plate carriers as an emergency stuck case remover. The only issue is that all the paint can openers are either Mirror Chrome Plated or Mirror Polished, but either way they’re always extremely shiny.

So Militia State Armory takes M10 steel paint can openers and removes the mirror polished surface. First they go through a Shaker/Tumbler with a Ceramic Media to scratch and dull the exterior, which preps them for a Manganese Phosphate Parkerizing Solution.

As a result of the M10 steel already being hardened the ceramic media doesn’t scratch very deep, thus the Mn3(PO4)2 doesn’t get a deep penetration; Resulting in a dulled grey finish (Base Grey is this surface oiled).

From here the dry porous parkerized surface receives either flat black or flat green paint. The paint acts as an oil penetrating deep and adding another layer of protection, but if it does scratch you know there’s another dull surface underneath.

Finally a PVC Polyolefin elastomer (rubber) heat shrink sleeve is added to help silence any metal on metal “tinking” and to protect your firearms coating from being damaged from scraping and rubbing of the tool. As a bonus it’ll also help reduce scratching of the tool keeping it matte and easily concealed.


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